Accompanying the Phoenix Chapter 43

Chapter 43

“Do people in the heavens have a habit of eavesdrop on others?” Shen Li sneered  “Enter uninvited in the middle of the night, this is the etiquette of the heavens?”

Xing Zhi’s eyes sank but he didn’t speak 

Fu Rongjun said angrily “You …You …a woman, alone with a man on the roof watching the stars in the middle of the night! This is the way things are done in your demon world?! What is it to look at the stars! Do you think that I’m blind??” 

Shen Li didn’t say a word, instead, she shaped her fingers into claws, and attacked straight at Fu Rongjun’s eyes.

Jun Yung raised his hand just on time trying to block and barely escaped: “You’re trying to kill the witness?”

“Since you have blind eyes it’s better to dig them out, as to not waste them, don’t you think?”

Fu Rongjun hurried to hide behind Xing Zhi: “High God, take a look, she’s crazy !”

However, Xing Zhi dodged and didn’t let Fu Rongjun hide behind him. Instead, he stared straight at Shen Li with a smile as he spoke “There is no need to refuse the general Mo Fang’s kind intentions. If that is what the King wishes, I’ll not interfere.”

 As soon as those words came out, all three were shocked. The two men looked at Xing Zhi in surprise, but Shen Li’s face became sullen. According to her understanding, he was unwilling to cancel the marriage. She thought that he might have an unaccountable reason. Now, he is just saying that out of anger!

Shen Li felt conflicted in her heart. What qualifications did he have to be jealous and angry? He was the one that decided the marriage, and he was the one who pushed her away, but now he is angry with her? Why? Just because he discovered that the toy in his palm was actually desired by others, and found that things did not follow his plans. Wasn’t he just throwing a tantrum?

How childish!

She smiled: “Shen Li didn’t dare to agree to General Mo Fang’s intentions. Isn’t it because of the marriage contract that the High god proposed? If the High God is willing to withdraw the marriage contract, Shen Li will definitely nod and agree today.” She raised her hand and bowed, “I hope that the gods will fulfill his promises!”

The arc of Xing Zhi’s lips fell slightly, his face was completely cold, and his eyes met Shen Li quietly. 

After a while, he lowered his head and smiled suddenly:

 “The King is too serious, your marriage contract with Fu Rongjun is negotiated by the Emperor of Heaven and all his officials. How can it be decided by only one person? It’s just that if you really like General Mo’s so much, considering Fu Rong’s nature… Heaven would not be unreasonable.”

Jun Fu Rong couldn’t help but interject: “Why the god are slandering me so…” 

 Shen Li only smiled coldly, with a slightly dumb expression, “Thank you, High God, for your guidance.”

 It turned out that she was the only one who was serious. After being played around so much she wants to lose her temper, get angry… but she looked on the roof and saw Mo Fang, he looked at her firmly, but his eyes could not hide his loss. Thinking about what she said just now, Shen Li felt terrible. Because of the marriage contract, she rejected Mo Fang? Didn’t this give Mo Fang false hope? How could she say such irresponsible words!

It turns out that she is the one who really looks like a child…

“This matter is over, Fu Rong will inform the goddess Luo Tian, ​​and they will go back to the heavens with me tomorrow, the time spent here is too long.” 

Xing Zhi said lightly,

“King, general, I bid you farewell, I fear we will not meet in the future. Please take care.”

The seals are fixed, the matter with the kidnapped gods has also been reported to the heavens

There’s no reason why an ancient god, with such a noble status, would stay in the demon realm. Even if it was heaven, he wouldn’t go there often. He should go back to his outer sky, sit and watch the stars change, time passing, and continue to be a cold and indifferent bystander. To him, everything is just nosy.

She will never see him again…

Shen Li lowered her eyes. If there were a few traces of fire in her heart before, then at this time, these fires were all turned into helplessness, and she asked discouraged: “Why did the high god came to this place today?”

Xing Zhi looked at the horizon, not knowing what he was looking at: “I have come to look for Lord Fu Rong. His coming to the Demon Realm has also caused you a lot of trouble. This is the negligence of heaven education. Rest assured I will report what I’ve witnessed here to the Heavenly Emperor.” 

He hesitated then said

“If the King ends up marrying into the Heavenly realm, Fu Rong will not dare to be as rash as he has been so far.”

“Don’t do this! High God PLE …… !”

With a move of Xing Zhi’s finger, Jun Fu Rong opened his mouth but couldn’t say a word. Xing Zhi continued: “The remaining poison in the king’s body has not been completely removed, please rest early.”

“High God doesn’t need to worry.”

 Xing Zhi turned his gaze, paused for a moment on Shen Li, and then dragged Fu Rong who was on the side. His figure disappeared in a flash.

After he left, the breeze slowly climbed up, clearing the thin miasma mist in the sky, revealing a clean starry sky, bright and dazzling.

The stars flickered in the sky as if they were talking “Please look at the stars as a parting gift.”

This is the power of the gods, a wave of the sleeves can eliminate the miasma, but the shadows the stars cast were still there.

Shen Li watched the shadows quietly in a daze.

Whether he left, Shen Li thought to herself, not seeing him is also good. His two identities, she thought that she already distinguished the two apart. But, now, what does it matter if she didn’t? What does it matter if she couldn’t control her own heart or not? He is not here anymore.

Anyway, she will forget it sooner or later, it’s just a matter of time.

“My King.” Mo Fang said quietly on the roof, “The starry sky left by God Lord Xing Zhi is very beautiful, Do you want to look at it?”

“No.” Shen Li only stared at the shadows, “If I don’t know how pretty it is, I won’t miss it in the future… I’ll stop bothering you today, I’ll go back to my house.”

Mo Fang was silent for a while then said : “I’ll send the king out.”

T/L note: Here is where the previous translator stopped.

The street was Busy the next day when Xing Zhi and his party left.

The Demon Lord personally saw them off. Almost all the civil and military officials of the Demon Realm were there, but Shen Li didn’t go, squatting in the room with a hangover as an excuse.

“How long has it been since he opened his mouth to eat?” Shen Li felt distressed when she looked at the skinny parrot, “You think that he is going to die?”

Rouya were listening to the excitement outside, and answered Shen Li distractedly:

 “From what I heard, he hasn’t opened its mouth since he came back from the Demon Emperor’s palace.”

Shen Li raised her eyebrows and tentatively placed a little food on his mouth. He opened his mouth with a “ga”, and his voice finally returned [1] and was as loud as ever: “The god harmed me, my lord! The gods are not a good thing. The High God! His Royal Highness harmed me ah! “

“Oh? How did he hurt you? “

“He made me mute King! He also made fun of my plucked feathers saying that it made me look like the King! He said so himself ah! Danm gods !, Ah, King, I suffered so much! “

“He made me mute King! He also made fun of my plucked feathers saying that it made me look like the King! He said so himself ah! Damn gods! Ah, King, I suffered so much! “

Plucked feathers … from the beginning, he remembered everything, he concealed from her, he hushed and cast a spell on the parrot, for so long that the parrot almost starved to death, just to keep her in the dark. [2]Shen Li felt that she should be angry, but she smiled inexplicably.

“Bullying a bird that is incompetent is really a despicable thing that only that God can do.”

The voices outside grew louder, and Shen Li couldn’t help but look out the door, only to see a golden light flashing across the street, she heard the cheers slowly fading after reaching its peak.

He finally left.

Life suddenly became quiet, and Shen Li suddenly realized that before she knew it, Xing Zhi had been by her side for a long time, and they had experienced many things together. Suddenly, she felt a little uncomfortable without such a person.

But life always goes on.

She still went to court as before and listened to what happened in all parts of the Demon Realm. The news from the border was no longer as gloomy as before. The soldiers had a good life, and their life might be even more beautiful than in the capital. This made Shen Li think about the days when she was with Xing Zhi, fixing the seals. In the mountains, the bottom of the lake, and in the ruins, there were only the two of them…

“Shen Li.” The demon Lord’s voice suddenly sounded in her ears.

Shen Li suddenly returned to her senses. Everyone in the conference hall looked at her. Shen Li coughed, “What is the matter ?”

“Recently, the Beihai demon clan has slightly improved. Just now, everyone recommended the talents to go to Beihai. This time, they will not be fighting, this is only for training. Let the capable newcomers go out and exercise.”

Shen Li has done this a few times and brought recruits to the battlefield to hone their skills and courage. She pondered a little: “Since it is a task of exploration, we should send a careful general.” She swept in front of everyone. After a lap, she suddenly stopped on Mo Fang’s face.

After that day, Shen Li felt that she was not worthy of the Mo Fang, and wanted to apologize to him, but felt that it would do more harm than good. She couldn’t make up her mind and didn’t know how to face Mo Fang, so she consciously or unconsciously avoided him. At this time, Shen Li look at him face-to-face and got nervous.

“General Mo is careful and strategic, so let him lead the troops.” She has a certain selfish intention to dismiss him, but Mo Fang is indeed an excellent candidate.

The demon emperor nodded: “Does the generals have any objections? He waited for a little bit, and when nobody objected he proceeded “Since there are none, let’s end today’s affairs.”

 The demon emperor turned his head to look at Shen Li and said, “Shen Li, you stay.”

Shen Li was agitated, guessing that she should be scolded today.

Accompanying the Demon Emperor she walked around the freestone road, and sat down in the pavilion by the lake, the emperor dropped a chess piece on the stone table and said: “Play a few games with me.”

Shen Li complied. However, after half an hour, the outcome was already decided and Shen Li lost. The Demon Emperor put down the pieces in his[3] hand and said:

“In this round of chess, you are panicked and confused. Seeing that the attack is not successful, you messed up your position. This is not Shen Li’s style.”

Shen Li lowered her head.

“Ever since Fu Rong is gone, you are often distracted.”

Shen Li was shocked, thinking of the annoying Fu Rong’s, the corner of her mouth twitched: “The lord has misunderstood.”

The Demon Lord silently observed the chess pieces on the board, and suddenly said with a smile: “It’s okay, I’m tired recently and don’t want to move, so regarding the invitation to the Hundred Flowers Banquet, it’s better if you go in my place. Anyway, you will marry him in the future. It’s wise to get familiar with the environment of the heavens earlier.”

Shen Li was startled: “Lord…”

The Demon Lord stood up and patted her head: “This is an order, and you can’t refuse.”.

End of chapter

T/L NOTES: that’s it, guys! My first translated chapter! I’ve translated from the beginning instead of using the previous translator part, only because I think this way adds more flow to the reading and you can get used to my style. I hope you guys like it, I was a little insecure about posting this translation, but in the previous translator site, she gave permission so I think it’s all good. For now, I’ll not keep a schedule but I will try to update this often, I haven’t decided yet if I will cut the chapters, some are HUGE, so I’ll think how I’ll do this later. If I made any mistakes, please comment, and I will do my best to correct them, ok, I spoke too much already, until next time! ❤

[1] I don’t know if you guys remember this, but back in chapter 27, Xing Zhi put a spell on the parrot, preventing him from speaking. 

Xing Zhi smiled calculatingly at Parrot as Shen Li’s footsteps got closer. He harshly said, “Zip your lips!” The squawking abruptly stopped. It was as if Parrot’s beaks were glued shut; he couldn’t open it no matter how hard he tried. All he could do was frantically jump around in the cage.

[2] Here, she refers to when he cast the spell on the parrot, but, as you can see in the chapter on the previous translator site, the translator in a note, said that was never mentioned what Xing Zhi was afraid the parrot would tell Shen Li. Now, , we can see that apparently he said something like

 “ Featherless, just like your owner.” Proving that he remembered everything from the start. I’m assuming this was missed on the translation, or in the raws, sometimes, more than you would think, sentences are incomplete in the raws, I guess this has something to do with the differences in structure between English and Chinese sentences.

[3] In previous chapters, we discovered that the Demon Emperor is actually a woman, but for the sake of not having to change the way he/she is addressed In public or private, I will keep the “HE” “HIM” unless his identity as a woman turns out more relevant to the plot. Also, I’m changing “Demon Emperor” to “Demon Lord” after this chapter, only because it reads better.

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  1. Thank you for picking this novel up! I was just thinking earlier today how I wished someone would continue translating it. I’m glad since it has a unique plot and a strong female protagonist. I’m looking forward to more! 🙂

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    1. You’re welcome! 😀 ( and that was fast hahah) i was actually surprised nobody picked it up after more than 5 months, this novel is so good ! I will post the next chapter soon :>

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  3. I’m gonna be honest I am totally annoyed with the ML. I mean the FL people are bullied a lot, but they put their lives on the line protecting the realms from the monsters. And everyone treats them with disrespect. I would have hoped to see such a wise and long-living ML would see this and kind of stick up for her people (and not in a kind word of way). He just glosses over the way people talk about them and disrespect them. The heavens should be sending down troops to the demon realm to help protect the border thingy. That would be the best way to create peace, by having their militaries work together to protect the realms. I don’t like how the author is always portraying her as hot-headed and he is the calm wise one. I feel like this kind of paints her as unreasonable, and I think she is pretty reasonable. But, besides that, I do like the FL. She is a breath of fresh air compared to how FL are often portrayed in CN’s.


    1. Yeah, I’m a little disappointed with him too, I mean, he sealed the monsters, I guess he already did his part but for the sake of romance I was expecting him to be a little more pro-active, including with MC, she is suffering a lot there, even tho she is strong, nobody likes to be mistreated. The Demons now have to live in danger, in the middle of miasm, and take care of the seals while the heavens are living carefree and feeling that they can look down on the demons. To be honest, this is my least favorite part of the novel so far, but I trust this author, We are in the anguish part now, I hope that this will make the sweet part even sweeter.


  4. Thank you for picking it up.
    I started reading this 2 weeks ago and finished it in three days , then I was really depressed upon realizing that it was dropped in May.
    Two Hours ago I decided to re-read departing of little lotus flower… Or something (I couldn’t remember) so I decided to go to NU and search for it under the author’s name,… And then I came across this big delightful discovery :).
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    1. Thanks a lot for your comment, this really helps me get inspired to translate! I also discovered this novel recently, I was sad nobody seemed interested in continuing this, so I thought, why not? But to be honest my translation isn’t all that I wanted it to be, but I’ll continue and hopefully improve, so if you have any tips of how to structure a sentence or replace a word with a better one, please do tell 😀


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